Prague Castle - Rules and Regulations


Prague Castle is a national cultural monument. Prague Castle is also the workplace of the President of the Republic and the seat of the Presidency. The courtyards, streets, parks, and similar areas of Prague Castle are not public areas; though they are open to the public at certain times as stipulated by the rules and regulations established by Prague Castle Administration.


(1) The area of Prague Castle is a territory that is demarcated by the following:

a) streets: U Prašného mostu Street, Vikářská Street, Jiřská Street, Golden Lane at Daliborka Tower;
b) courtyards: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Courtyard; St. George´s Square;
c) historical buildings – places of visit: The Old Royal Palace, the Basilica of St.George, the Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower, the Prague Castle Picture Gallery, the Powder Tower, the Cathedral of St.Vitus, the Rosenberg Palace, the Riding School, the Royal Summer Palace, the Ball Game Hall, the Imperial Stable, the Chapel of the Holy Rood, the Theresian Wing;
d) gardens: the Royal Garden, the Southern Gardens, the Upper and the Lower Stag Moat, the Garden on the Bastion, the Garden on the Terrace of the Riding School, St. Wencelaus Vineyard.

(2) Visitor is the person who entered Prague Castle area.
(3) Place of visit is the place or building of Prague Castle area which can be seen by visitors during opening hours. Article 2


(1) The area of Prague Castle (except places of visit and gardens) is open to the public daily:
from 1st April to 31st December 6 am – 22 pm
(2) The historical monuments are open daily:
from 1st April to 31st October 9 am – 5 pm,
from 1st November to 31st March 9 am – 4 pm,
24th December closed
(3) The gardens of Prague Castle (except the Garden on the Bastion) including tourist paths are open to the public daily:
from 1st April to 31st October 10 am – 6 pm
The Garden on the Bastion is freely accessible to the public
during the opening hours of Prague Castle.
(4) The opening hours for the individual buildings aresubject to change according to the terms and conditions of operation.


(1) Entrance to the area of Prague Castle (except the places of visit) is free of charge.
(2) Tickets must be purchased before tours begin. Information concerning the price of admission and the cost of tours as well as possible changes in the tour is posted at the ticket counters of the Information Centres and at the individual buildings. Tours with the guides of Prague Castle Administration can be arranged and paid at the Information Center in the 3rd Courtyard (opposite the Cathedral). Guided tours can be booked in advance by phone: +420 224 373 584 or by e-mail:
(3) Tickets for exhibitions can be purchased at the ticket office of the exhibition. Tickets for concerts can be purchased at the Information Centre of Prague Castle in the 2nd Courtyard.
(4) The visitor will receive a ticket upon payment. He or she will retain the ticket for the duration of the tour and present that ticket to employees of Prague Castle Administration upon request. The ticket is valid for only one visit to each building. Tickets are valid for two days.
(5) Discounts are offered on admission prices according to the valid price list.
(6) Visitor is required to present entrance ticket individually in any case.
(7) Purchased tickets even those unused cannot be refunded.


(1) Tours are given, depending on operating conditions at the time, for either visitors alone or in groups.
(2) Tours are subordinated to the operating mode of Prague Castle.
(3) Before entering a building, the visitor must place any bags, umbrellas, and the like in a Cloakroom (providing there is one in the building).
(4) All historical buildings (except White Tower, Powder Tower, Great South Tower of St. Vitus Cathedral, Daliborka Tower and defence corridor in Golden Lane) are accessible to wheelchairs.
(5) Prague Castle Administration reserves the right to close historical buildings of Prague Castle or the whole Castle area due to operational, technical or state-ceremonial reasons.


(1) Concerts, theatre, and other performances at Prague Castle and on its grounds shall take place solely with the permission of Prague Castle Administration and under the terms and conditions set out.
(2) The following is forbidden within the grounds of Prague Castle:

a) taking photographs and filming in the permanent exhibition the Story of Prague Castle, in the exhibition the Treasury of St. Vitus’s Cathedral, Powder Tower and in Prague Castle Picture Gallery. In other historical buildings taking pictures and filming is possible after purchasing the licence. The licence enables taking pictures and filming only without flash, tripod and other added facilities (e.g. light, source etc.). Exceptions may be made by Prague Castle Administration for scholarly, documentary, cultural, and commercial purposes, if this is requested in writing and an agreement made;
b) any form of business by peddlers or at booths without permission in writing from Prague Castle Administration;
c) asking for money or other support, except collections organized by Prague Castle Administration or with permission in writing from Prague Castle Administration;
d) performing the activity of a tour guide unless the person who performs has a licence under the Private Business Act and the related legal regulations of the Czech Republic or legal regulationsof the member state of EU, where the person is settled. Performing the activity of a tour guide is here understood to mean the imparting of information about history, the grounds of Prague Castle, and the buildings on them or related to them for a fee.
e) using any aerial vehicles (UAV – drones and suchlike) for any purpose. Prague Castle is part of noflight zone.
f) to use large banners, flags, standards, rods and other objects which might endanger safety and health of other individuals at Prague Castle premises.
g) to climb over or up the buildings and equipments; particularly scaffoldings, claims, enclosures, fences, walls, poles and the like.

(3) The whole area of Prague Castle is a Pedestrian Zone and the entrance of motor vehicles is subject to valid rules of the road.


(1) For the entire time of their visit to the area of Prague Castle, visitors are obliged to behave with the civility and dignity appropriate to the historical, social, and cultural importance of Prague Castle and with the utmost consideration towards the buildings and movables of this national historical monument as well as towards the other visitors.
(2) Visitors are obliged to follow the instructions of employees of the Custodian, security agency, the Castle Police and the Castle Guard. For not following instructions or orders given in the interest of the safety of visitors, the protected buildings, and collections, the visitor will be escorted out of the building without a refund of the price of his or her admission or will be handed over to the authorized bodies of public order.
(3) It is forbidden to damage in any way the buildings, collections, parks, gardens, or any other state property in the territory of Prague Castle, in particular as follows:

a) to touch the exhibited objects or the walls in the interiors;
b) to write, draw, or paint on the inside or outside walls or to damage them in any other way;
c) to make such a noise (using sound equipment with amplifiers, music, disallowed singing, reproduced music, loud talking, or similar activity) so as to disturb the tour guide or to make it unpleasant for the people on the tour;
d) to eat or drink inside the buildings, to enter them with any food (such as ice-cream or beverages);
e) to pick flowers, break off branches of trees and bushes, to walk on grass or leave the demarcated paths;
f) to ride through on bicycles, scooters, roller-skates, skateboards, segways, etc;
g) to allow dogs or other animals to run free off their leads or to enter the buildings and gardens of Prague Castle with them;
h) to step into fountains, to throw any objects into them and to take any objects out of them;
i) to throw litter away beside litter bins;
j) to use so called „selfie sticks“ and other facilities which could threaten the safety and health of visitors;
k) to disturb the peace and public order in any other way.

(4) For the protection of the visitors of Prague Castle, cultural monuments and art collections, the exteriors of Prague Castle and exhibition rooms are monitored by the camera system of the Police of the Czech Republic.


(1) It is strictly forbidden to bring and use any explosives, pyrotechnics and other dangerous substances or objects to Prague Castle area.
(2) It is strictly prohibited to enter Prague Castle area with weapons (firearms, stabbing and cutting weapons) except for members of Prague Castle armed forces on duty and persons approved by the Head of the Presidential Office upon previous written application.
(3) A person entering Prague Castle premises is obliged to go through security scan under the request of the Police of the Czech Republic. Access to Prague Castle may be denied in case of refusal of the security scan.
(4) Smoking or using an open flame in the historical monuments is strictly prohibited. In the event of a fire, visitors are obliged to follow instructions of the Custodian Services employees.
(5) In the event of injury, an employee of the Custodian Services or the Information Centres of Prague Castle should be informed.
(6) Leaving bags or other objects unattended at Prague Castle area is forbidden (except for designated locations).
(7) Visitors must stay at least half a metre away from the Castle guard posts at the entrance gates of Prague Castle and are forbidden to touch, interfere with, or ridicule the guards.
(8) Prague Castle Administration is not liable for any accidents or damages which occur as a result of violation of the „Rules and Regulations“ of Prague Castle.
(9) All liability of Prague Castle Administration for potential damages incurred to visitors is set out in accordance with the valid regulations of the Czech Republic.


(1) The visitor will be held responsible for violation of the „Rules and Regulations“ and for damages caused, in accordance with the valid regulations.
(2) This updated version of „Rules and Regulations“ is valid from 11th August 2016.

Ing. Ivo Velíšek, CSc.
Director of Prague Castle Administration

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