Things to see - Prague Castle Historical Buildings

Prague Castle

Situated about 10 km from Prague, Levý Hradec along the Vltava River was one of first settlements within the territory of Bohemia. As time passed and the gord was gradually extended, the area was no longer sufficient and the Bohemians moved their settlement to the territory of today’s Prague. It was probably in 884 that […]

Golden Lane

Another Prague Castle favourite stop is the Golden Lane (Zlatá ulička). Dating back to the 15th or 16th century, this narrow street with tiny houses gathered craftsmen, castle gunmen and subjects. Its original name was “Goldsmith’s Lane”, as goldsmiths were among local residents. When walking through the street, you can pop into the houses to […]

Picture Gallery at Prague Castle

It was Rudolph II, the ruler of Bohemia between 1576 and 1611, who laid the foundations of the Prague Castle Picture Gallery with his artistic collections. Rudolph, having moved his seat back to Prague in 1583, made Prague the heart of all European events. A great supporter of science (especially astronomy, astrology and alchemy) as […]

Rožmberk Palace

Constructed in the period 1545 ‑ 1574 by the Rosenberg family (Rožmberkové) in Renaissance style, the Palace fell into the possession of Rudolph II and was connected to the Royal Palace in 1600. In the mid-18th century it underwent a Baroque-style reconstruction initiated by Maria Theresa. It was this empress who used these premises to […]

Powder Tower (Mihulka)

Powder Tower, also called Mihulka, was erected in the 15th century as part of the castle’s fortification for artillery purposes. After 1541, when it was struck by fire, it became the residence of Tomáš Jaroš, a bell founder who created the Zikmund Bell in St. Vitus Cathedral, or the singing fountain in front of Queen […]

Southern Tower of Saint Vitus Cathedral

Standing almost 100m tall, the southern tower is the highest tower of Saints Vitus, Wenceslas and Adalbert Cathedral. Initiated by Peter Parler in the 14th century, it was damaged by fire in 1541 and had to undergo reconstruction, carried out by Bonifác Wolmut. The nearly  300-stair climb is rewarded with a view of St. Vitus […]

Imperial Stables

The Imperial Stables, a two-wing building situated in the Northern section of the Castle, was built by Rudolph II at the end of the 16th century. Emperor Rudolph II liked horses, and to satisfy his collector’s passion, he had a part of the ramparts demolished, building spectacular stables in their place around 1583. At the […]

Sternberg Palace

The construction of Sternberg Palace on Hradčanské náměstí Square was initiated in 1698 and completed in 1707. As far as architecture is concerned, it may be included in the era of High Baroque. It is not known for sure who the main architect of the project was, but most sources quote Giovanni Battista Alliprandi, Domenico […]

St. George’s Convent

St. George’s Convent was the first female Benedictine monastery in Bohemia, and the original burying grounds of the Přemyslid Family. It is situated in the Northern part of the castle complex at St. George’s Square (Jiřské náměstí). It was founded in 973 by Prince Boleslav II and his sister Mlada. The convent served as a […]

Prague Castle Riding Hall

Prague Castle Riding Hall was built in the 1690s. Originally, the building was designed for a riding school and riding entertainment events. In 1760, the Riding Hall burned down and the first reconstruction was necessary, giving it a new ceiling, which is still in place today. The building of the new Riding Hall consisted of […]

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