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Duration: 3 hours
Maximum number of people: 50

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Description of Prague Castle Tour

As night falls and the crowds thin, we’ll take you from the Old Town Square, across the river Vltava, to the palaces, monasteries and monuments of Prague Castle. This tour gives you a unique view of this famous site, when the tour parties and crowds have gone, and will introduce you to some of the darker parts of the Castle’s history.

We will walk through the lanes and courtyards where alchemists and astrologers once worked, visit the monastery, hear about the “Devil’s Bible”, and stop for a while by the “Hole to Hell”. Your guide will lead you through the city’s dark and often esoteric history, from “Good King” Wenceslas to Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV and on to golden age of Prague during Emperor Rudolf II. As well as some stunning views of Prague by night, you’ll also have the chance to see the Golden Lane, once the home of Franz Kafka. This tour also includes a short tram ride (ticket is included in the tour price).

Note: This is a comprehensive tour covering all major sights in Prague. Your guide will take you first through the Old Town, then across the river to the area called Hradčany with Strahov Monastery, Loreto and New World. You will enter Prague Castle complex and see Golden Lane. This tour focusses more on the historical facts, but you’ll also hear some of the legends associated with these places. The tour does not enter any interior.

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